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political science terms

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Political science definition, a social science dealing with political institutions and with the principles and conduct of government. Electorate: The public who voted for someone Constituents: The people who live in a constituency Constituency: Areas of the UK. Yet, despite recent advances in political science methods, surprisingly little attention has been devoted to measurement validity. More so, they disregard the philosophical identity of political science that led to its deviation from describing and defining the political in terms of values and judgments. Define political science. Authority In political science terminology, a political actor or institution enjoys authority if it is endowed with legitimacy, i.e. This glossary is designed to demystify some of these terms and explain their origins. Political science, occasionally called politology, is a discipline of social science which deals with systems of governance, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, associated constitutions and political behaviour.. Political Science deals with men, and it is a living subject matter which can be explained in terms of living human activity. The branch of the social sciences that is primarily concerned with analyzing and explaining the functioning of political institutions (especially governmental institutions) as well as the political behavior of individuals, groups and organizations in their efforts to influence or resist the decisions and policies of government. political scientist n. Political science studies governments in all their forms and aspects, both theoretical and practical. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. These terms and conditions govern your use of this website; by using this website, you accept these terms and conditions in full and without reservation. Latin political words and phrases‎ (2 C, 47 P) Libertarian terms‎ (24 P) M Political metaphors‎ (1 C, 35 P) N Political neologisms‎ (3 C, 96 P) P Political science terminology‎ (5 C, 182 P) Political slurs‎ (2 P) 6 people chose this as the best definition of political-science: Political science is the... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The key theme in this article is that political science as a field of study has acquired importance in recent years due to the explosion in interest of the matters related to the working of the political economy. It could be used to assess issues like the employment rate. Political scientists refer to regimes using many different terms. Political science is a broad field of study. The discipline that applies mathematics, statistics and probability theory to assess risk in human affairs such as insurance, issuing finance, and in some cases sentencing in criminal justice. Background of Political Science: In order to understand the nature and scope of political science, it is desirable too outline the field of knowledge that it covers, to survey the methods that it uses, and to indicate the boundary lines that separate it from other, closely related sciences.It is also necessary to define certain fundamental political terms. political science meaning: 1. the study of how people get or compete for power and how it is used in governing a country 2…. The American Political Science Review 95(3): 529-546. This is an introductory article for the module on political science. Political science relates to political activity, to power, to capacity of various agents and organisations. In other words, in any given political system, there will be a group that has the power to determine the norms and values of society, with the remaining groups being subject to those determined norms and values. n. The study of the processes, principles, and structure of government and of political institutions. The Public Purse: Money collected by government in the form of taxes. Man is … Concepts of Political Science Page5 Module I Modern Concepts of Political Science Power, Influence, Authority, Legitimacy, Political Culture, Political Socialisation, Modernisation and Political Development– Power Meaning: The concept of power is the most influential one in the whole of political science. Basic Terms and Concepts of Political Science - Chapter Summary. political science synonyms, political science pronunciation, political science translation, English dictionary definition of political science. Social science as a field of study is separate from the natural sciences, which cover topics such as physics, biology, and chemistry. Party: Group with similar feelings or ambitions on how the country should be run. Abstract: Scholars routinely make claims that presuppose the validity of the observations and measurements that operationalize their concepts. Political Science: Political Theory A branch of political science that looks at values, ideas, ethics and philosophy. Political Science Dictionary. It cannot be expressed in fixed or static formulae. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. Power is See more. Find facts and information about Political Science: Terms and Concepts from trusted sources at Political science is now fragmented into so many subfields, methodological approaches, area specializations, and theories that “ political scientists apparently come together at APSA meetings, but only in spatial terms ” (Yanow 2003, p. 398). This Political Science dictionary compendium offers you dictionaries and glossaries with detailed explanations and definitions of terms, phrases, acronyms and abbreviations related to Political Science. political terms and are not strict legal or scientific definitions. You must be at least 13 [Thirteen] years of age to use this website. Hence any definition of political science must encompass all these components. This, in turn, depends on the willingness (or apparent willingness) of a majority of the population to freely consent to that exercise of power. Definition of political-science noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning and Definition of Political Science: Many books have been written on Political Science by the eminent writers and different definitions have been given. Literacy difficulties can be a barrier to accessing, Addressing various aspects of democracy in political science. One person represents a Constituency in Parliament. ‘The term ‘political development’ is an old concept in political science, recently revived.’ ‘His latest series of tests may put more physical science in political science.’ ‘As a Rhodes scholar at Oxford, he studied philosophy, political science, and economics.’ Most accredited universities indeed have separate schools, departments, and research centers devoted to the study of the central themes within political science. e.g. Political science is a branch of social science that is concerned with theory, description, analysis and prediction of political behavior, political systems and politics.. 1 About this guide This plain English guide focuses on political terms as part of our ongoing campaign on literacy and political participation. Another word for political science. other words it is a study of state affairs. A state is a compulsory political organization with a centralized government that maintains a monopoly of the legitimate use of force within a certain geographical territory. Political science. Learn more. These two terms refer to the degree of power that groups have with respect to each other in a political system (LeMay, 2000). Political corruption is the use of power by government officials for illegitimate private gain. Political Vocabulary. political science state centered and power centered 2815 Words | 12 Pages. Find more ways to say political science, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Once a branch of philosophy, political science nowadays is typically considered a social science. actuarial science. Political science is the field of the social sciences concerning the theory and practice of politics and the description and analysis of political systems and political behavior. Political scientists study the allocation and transfer of power in decision-making, the roles and systems of governance including governments and international organizations, political behavior and public policies. An important aspect of this definition is political science has been treated as a practical activity. Political science definition: Political science is the study of the ways in which political power is acquired and used... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples the moral right to exercise power. This best-selling dictionary contains over 1,700 entries on all aspects of politics. Which term political scientists use often depends on two factors: the number of people with political power and the amount of power the government itself exerts. The definitions that follow, with background drawn from Safire's New Political Dictionary , should help you understand political talk a little better the next time you hear it on the evening news or read about it online. This article sets the context and defines the term as well as analyzing the scope and importance of political science. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use this website. A Perusal of these definitions shows that the authors themselves do not have very clear-cut views and they find it difficult to give precise definitions.

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