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!Upon Nikolai approaching him in the ending cutscene. !Upon being swarmed. Hey, bone-jaws! We'll just leave it at that. Show more care this time. Not gonna turn down a few extra bucks!Upon receiving Double Points. 29:33. Said when interacting with a Groph Module Launch Control console without a code cylinder.Access denied. That flying thing was really getting under skin.Upon killing a Valkyrie Drone. Probably chewed more spider than gum on that island.Upon consuming a Gobblegum. Uncontaminated specimen located.Said when seeing a player. We have to get to The House. Do not trust him. He opened the portal between the worlds and, well, that's were and when shit really went tits up. *sighs* Do you have any idea how difficult that is to keep track of? What are you doing? It is beyond your comprehension; nor is its nature your concern. No, it can't be you, from the Cosmodrome, your faces are familiar, but different!After the wisp is shot a second time. You should have made sure I was dead!Upon getting hit by a zombie. He's an evil that must be extinguished.Said to the player while searching for the code units. EVERY ZOMBIES MAP RANKED WORST TO BEST (WAW-BO4) - Duration: 58:00. Now that is one DELICIOUS BEVERAGE!Upon drinking Quick Revive. Security systems disabled. Immune specimen is resisting.Said when attacking a player. Free will and all that stuff. Anomaly moving. You have failed to disable the systems. Have you ever heard the phrase - 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'? Potentially immune subject present.Said when seeing a player. Maxis...liked me. I may be omnipotent, but I can't be everywhere.Said when the second wisp is shot. If physical contact you seek, then physical contact you shall receive!Upon getting hit by a zombie. After you … No ammo? Let's be honest, putting boards up doesn't exactly do a whole lot to protect us, does it?Upon receiving Carpenter. I'm almost a hundred percent certain that you CAN hear me. For what, though, I know not.Upon picking up a part. Seeing your furry little face always cheers me up!Upon receiving the Monkey Bomb from the mystery box. (No. I don't know, maybe some of the paranoia is starting to rub off on me! That was true, that happened. I've been scratched before, believe me!Upon getting hit by a zombie. Destroy hostile!Said when seeing a player. Unfortunately I have to face the enemy at close quarters.Upon receiving a Sniper Rifle from the Mystery Box. Their true purpose will become clear. Network transmitter activated. I have seen enough death to last a lifetime.Upon reviving another player. Listen out for radios and things, and I'll help, wherever I can.Said at the start of Round 15. Said when summoning the dragon to a platform.Dragon summoned. Nothing's ever gonna come between us, Ray Gun.Upon receiving the Ray Gun from the mystery box. Your failure represents an unacceptable level of performance.Said upon failing a task. Just give a little time to double check my flow charts.Said when "Tank" Dempsey gets downed. Gimme the sweet stuff, baby.Upon purchasing Pack-a-Punch. I can barely hear what you are saying.Said to the player while searching for the code units. You ready? The less we speak of the blood, the better. Even though, no one, is listening! Things are going to get a lot worse, before they are going to get better. Everything else has been... delusional fantasy that distance you from painful truth. Something I've never ever, ever had to admit to anyone before, it's really quite embarrassing. W-What is happening? I completly forgot to introduce myself. You've been bouncing around time and space for years, yelling all sorts of obscenities. It is clear to me that we are bound by destiny. A metaphorical hammer. Thought your armor made you tough? I know who you are. Focus, Edward, you can make this work. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Force Recon, Decompressive Isotopic Estrangement Machine,ückt/Quotes?oldid=2448136. You are the closest thing to an absolute distillation of obtuse obstructionism, an unparallel maniacal chaos in human form as it is possible to imagine.Said when Edward Richtofen gets downed. Some things are forgotten for a REASON!In response to Nikolai in the ending cutscene, right before shooting him. I do not like failure.Said upon attempting the Groph Module task again. Do it. Yes I do! You can stop now, it's all over!Upon receiving Double Points. Perhaps you should pay better attention next time.Said upon failing a task. Dragon Wings are an item in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the zombies map Gorod Krovi.When equipped, the player receives the following traits: 30% explosive damage resistance; 30% fire damage resistance; After finishing a Dragon Egg, acquiring the Dragon Strike and riding a Dragon from every station, the Dragon Wings become available. Hey there! I fear we are more likely to join Richtofen on his dissent into insanity.Dempsey: Why are you so sad, Nikolai? Once more, we are blessed with fresh supplies.Upon receiving Max Ammo. This... is a shield unlike those we have seen before. Pinky promise!Said when the third wisp is shot. This subject is very boring. Maybe later I can find new plow.Upon Pack-a-Punching a weapon. You know you've fucked up when inanimate objects tell ya you don't got enough.Upon having insufficient points. I...I really don't know. Won't you little dragon? Quickly.Said when the players are given the Groph Module task. Here, the Origins characters will face their most dangerous enemies yet. Look, I know you've had a lot to deal with. You know what I really desire, box. I mean, it's not as if you owe Maxis anything...Is it?Said when Edward Richtofen gets downed. I believe they have much wisdom to impart.Nikolai: I have heard many voices, but I have heard little wisdom. " Just when you think the whole universe is against you, it throws you a bone. I cannot imagine the horrors he has endured.Said upon starting round 1 on Solo. Dempsey: Hey Tak. Okay, here's a quick cheat sheet. AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!! There are certain things that you can't ever change Nikolai, all I ask is that you do the right thing. Have you not seen the Panzersoldat? Self-destruct sequence terminated. Ah. You freaks might all come in different shapes and sizes, but you die all the same!Upon killing a Russian Mangler Soldier. Do not worry your ugly little Russian head any further. I wish...I wish there was another way. Job of killing.Upon receiving an LMG from the Mystery Box. I am like one man armored division!Upon killing multiple zombies. Said when interacting with a Groph Module Launch Control console without a code cylinder.Provide cylinder code for Module deployment. I have seen each and every one of your misdeeds. You can make this work.Upon receiving a Sniper Rifle from the Mystery Box. Hmmm, rest in peace, Sal.Upon activating the electric trap. Good job, monkey! I wish there was such thing as Insta-Bacon.Upon receiving an Insta-Kill. What have you done?! It is located on a mannequin in the department store, … Lockdown ending.Said when all phases of the lockdown are completed. Hurry it up, PAP, we got a lot to do!While waiting for the Pack-a-Punch machine. Do you trust Richtofen? Wait, who in Lenin's name are you? Directive 935 activated.Said when spawning. How 'bout another favor for best friend Nikolai? Eugh, is machine connected to city sewer line?Upon consuming Juggernog. I do not know whose side are you on [sic], but unless you fight for the glory of Mother Russia, I will strongly suggest that you leave my city!Said at the beginning of Round 3. Probably should go see a dentist when this is all over...Upon consuming a Gobblegum. It has been known by many names, but I know it as Stalingrad, city of blood.Said in the Gorod Krovi Trailer. !After the wisp is shot a third time. That fury is even worse with a little girl. Our people! You may now take a moment to rest. Neutralizing threat.Said when attacking a player. Keep those grimy, maggot infested fingers off me!Upon getting hit by a zombie. Holding this thing in my hands just feels so right.Upon getting an assault rifle from a mystery box. May as well hang on to this! We do not need any fire, dragon! Rifle is very good at assaulting! We inch ever closer to the last.Upon receiving the Ray Gun from the Mystery Box. ...Did you enjoy it?Said when the players complete the Valkyrie Drone task. The third DLC zombies map for Call of Duty Black Ops III. Anyway, keep a close eye on him. Threat non-compliant.Said when attacking a player. Russians do not fear a fight without ammo.Upon running out of ammo. Honestly I'm not sure why I'm trying to explain it, shit's fucked up, please fix it.Said when the eighth wisp is shot. Power restored. Believe it or not, S.O.P.H.I.A used to be Maxis' secretary. As child growing up in Russia, real gum was rare... we sucked on rocks. When translated to English Gorod Krovi Means City of Blood. You don't really know who you are, do you? Will begin procedure to explain cause of atypical behavior.Said when the players complete the Russian Mangler task. Are you sure you wanna do this, after what I did to the last few million? All Dempsey Quotes - Gorod Krovi Audio Files (Black Ops 3 Storyline) - Duration: 29:33. Tactiic 10,917 views. I need this to end...Said while flying around. Nein. Do not concern yourself with its content. Despite possibility of faulty Russian wiring, I would like to secure the subject for... analysis. The entirety of the universe is fractured and broken. I'll have to resort to more "primitive" forms of combat.Upon running out of ammo. Richtofen, he can't hear me. You've done really, really well so far, but I honestly think it's going to be easier, if I just talk you through some things. Samantha! I wish I had Ray Gun as a child. We'll be there soon.Dempsey: You mention "The House" as if we have the faintest idea what you're talking about.Richtofen: The House. This theory could explain why Gorod Krovi is so similar to Mob of the Dead: they are purgatories (and maybe, they are the SAME purgatory, the same universe, but separated in time). I just hope you appreciate it.Said when the tenth wisp is shot. I was wrong. Cylinder code incorrect for this terminal.Said when trying to insert a code cylinder into the wrong Groph Module Launch Control console. In total there are 3 parts to this and 3 quotes to hear from this cute little sparkly.....thing. Bring it to me. Secure the transfer parts required in order to activate the terminals.Said when interacting with a dragon console before acquiring the dragon network controller parts. Long-range weapon only short-term problem. If it isn't said, it didn't happen.Said when Nikolai Belinski gets downed. I myself am uncertain as to what I must feel.Takeo: At least you have a sense of purpose. Another interdimensional device has been identified. It appears you are not able to perform even the simplest of tasks.Said upon failing a task. Dragon leaving area.Said when the dragon leaves a platform. It would be...selfish.Said while the players are completing the tasks. Said when the dragon egg cools off after incubating.Incubation complete. No ammo. A soviet with vodka is super soviet!During boss fight. I am not as stupid as you look.Dempsey: Look on the bright side, Nikolai. Recent events have left me shaken, but I will follow the road ahead of me.Dempsey: The road ahead is long and dark. Said when the dragon leaves a platform.Dragon departing. Current cylinder code incompatible with this terminal.Said when trying to insert a code cylinder into the wrong Groph Module Launch Control console. Valkyrie detected. Prototype secure. Fascists must die!Said while walking around. You dare insult me? This is inopportune time for low ammo! Would you like a lobotomy, because you're certainly going about it the right way!Upon getting hit by a zombie. I don't even know how you're meant to carry this. I will not share them, they are not encouraging. However, I do see stuff now and then that makes me go "wooo-oh, that's not good! Now, who's idea was this plan of yours?Richtofen: I....You know? Dragon scales are nice touch.Upon picking up the Guard of Fafnir. Reanimating reinforcements.Said when spawning Electrical Zombies. Notice I didn't say shooting, cuz I NEED FUCKING AMMO FOR THAT.Upon Running out of ammo. Detecting presence.Said when seeing a player. Nein. See, he's probably off doing his own thing right now, anyway. Guess I'll come back after I murder some more meat puppets.Upon having insufficient points. Hello, so nice to see you all.Said after the Easter Egg has been completed. Unlike the other two maps, this wonder weapon is found out of the box. The evil of Group 935 corrupts yet another reality... (breathes) Perhaps... freeing my other self from this hell on earth... will be an act of mercy.Said upon starting Round 2 on Solo. Watch Queue Queue No bullets? Drifting in and out of existence, appearing and disappearing in a blink of an eye...Said while flying around. The loyal servant -- A warrior out of time, born to late or born too early. Groph Module has been destroyed.Said when a Groph Module is destroyed. ...but then again, when is opportune time?Upon running out of ammo. Said when a phase of the lockdown is completed.Area secure. Okay, Nikolai... Dempsey... Takeo. Gorod Krovi Training Spot Discussion i'm not sure how well known this is, but by far my favourite training spot in Gorod Krovi is training in a loop beginning in the Infirmary and running through the department store before circling back through Armoury and using the Elevator Trap (Bridge) to … Must find ammo!Upon running out of ammo. Alright, so you got this universe, this big, changing, already volatile universe, and then you shatter it with a hammer. Ascension Protocol complete. I'm Dr. Monty. Was I foolish to expect any other outcome?Said upon failing a task. Also for posterity, I calculated odds of you defeating the dragon. Today has been long day, and it is not yet over.Upon receiving an Assault Rifle from the Mystery Box. Thank you, but I think I was doing just fine on my own!Upon receiving a Nuke. I need new power core from weapons system. Is painful!Upon receiving a Nuke. Password accepted. Execution followed by electrocution. So, anyway, it was around then that i was forced to... step in.Said when the fourth wisp is shot. I ran out of bullets. Point is, he's kind of surplus to requirements these days. But, this plan... this big plan - a lot of it's been riding on Richtofen. Our blood!Said while walking around. How do the Dr. Monty wisp quotes connect with that portion of the story? "In the latest episode of the Zombies experience 'Gorod Krovi', the Origins characters are hurled into an alternate, war-torn Stalingrad where Element 115 has wreaked havoc over a battlefield littered with the remnants of a battle between mechanized soldiers and deadly dragons controlled by Group 935. You said you would help me!In response to S.O.P.H.I.A. You're better than that!When Takeo gets downed. Two guns really takes pressure off of being accurate.Upon receiving the NX ShadowClaws from the Mystery Box. A true Russian NEVER surrenders! There is so much potential for chaos behind that mischievous smile! Wait... you familiar. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Force Recon, Decompressive Isotopic Estrangement Machine. Especially that business with the blood vials.Takeo: I believe there is bigger picture that we are not yet able to see.Dempsey: You know the saying, Tak. TESTING, TESTING! You're gonna fix it! Thank the Heavens, I have been trapped in the void for so long... w-will I finally be free?In reply to the characters. He would NOT like you.Said while the players are completing the tasks. Never a good thing.Upon running out of ammo. We must hurry, lest we squander this opportunity.Upon receiving Double Points. I have told you before, everything I do has purpose. That reminds me, I should never catch fire EVER. Enemy attacking Groph Module.Said when a Groph Module is taking damage. Time will unveil those mysteries it has shrouded for so long. Said when the players have 30 seconds to defuse the bombs.30 seconds remaining. This city... has seen more in its share of pain. Multiple system failure.Said when preparing to self-destruct. What? Nothing quite like a shotgun blast to put the mind at ease!Upon receiving a shotgun from the mystery box. From the ashes we can rebuild.Upon repairing a barrier. Being shielding from the fires of hell is not something I'm used to.Upon picking up the Guard of Fafnir. This weapon is now little more than a hollow shell. Curse you, dragon! Huh?Upon receiving a Max Ammo. Objective failed. Do not worry why. Are you prepared for what lies ahead?Nikolai: What lies ahead!? What now Takeo? This is Russian wood... best wood, Russian wood. Most unfortunate indeed.When running out of ammo. Return it to me. Module is taking damage.Said when a Groph Module is taking damage. Right out of the gate she was thrown into this madness before she could ever figure out exactly who she was. You remember. Sounds ominous, doesn't it? I don't understand you matey. THE CHILDREN!After the wisp is shot the first time. In ideal world, moss.Upon consuming a Gobblegum. Assuming it comes to that, which I hope it won't. Nein. You were fragmented across a multitude of different realities, but each and every one is basically the same. Searching out just the right versions of you - the ones who held the key to closing off the other dimensions. You wouldn't take candy from a baby, would you? Terminal is not operational. 115 is packing more and more heat all the time!Upon getting a kill with a Pack-a-Punched weapon. Watch Queue Queue. Mine is very... uh, broken. The liar, the braggart, the drunk -- the one who didn't know what he had, until it was gone. I feel a power coursing through my veins!Upon receiving Insta-Kill. After the island, I believed I would never again inhale such foul odors. Exterminate invaders!Said while walking around. The plan will succeed. All coexisting at exactly the same time. I am that man!Upon receiving an LMG from the Mystery Box. Wonder if I can get Nikolai to carry this, he's a big guy.Upon picking up a part. A blue eyed, electrified zombie climbs over a pile of debris. You'd be hard pushed to find any historian who wouldn't list this in the top 10, all time, most horrible events in human history... even without the dragons.Said when Nikolai Belinski gets downed. Module is being attacked.Said when a Groph Module is taking damage. Said when inserting a code cylinder into a Groph Module Launch Control console.Groph Module deployed. Testing, testing, tes - do you hear me? Threat returning to manageable levels. ", but the thing is, all I can really do is give things a little nudge! You need to stop thinking in terms of originals, old and new, it's not like that. Said when the players have 3 minutes to defuse the bombs.3 minutes remaining. This shit always loses it's taste too damn fast!Upon consuming a Gobblegum. Out of all three of the other characters, Original Nikolai shows the highest respect for Original Dempsey while he and Original Richtofen appear to have a strong friendship, but deeply hates Original Takeo. It is... enhanced.Upon picking up the Guard of Fafnir. My help?! I have many memories of shotgun. Gorod Krovi | Complete Map Breakdown Created by /u/chrisd848. Gorod Krovi notes: Dragon Shield "Head" Piece (The left piece in the UI) 1. That would make him upset.Upon picking up the Guard of Fafnir. But I had so many of them!Upon running out of ammo. I had hoped...this would go better.Said while the players are completing the tasks. Bring back memories?Nikolai: This is not something I remember. The absolute collapse of the singular belief that has been the driving force in your life as long as you can remember. Ever changing, ever shifting. Beginning information extraction.Said after Dr. Gersh is captured. Because it fucking is!Said at the start of Round 14. Say hello to vodka!Said at the beginning of Round 4. Hello? The ones we retrieved after our journey to the island?Richtofen: Worry not. Oh, you can just fuck off, box.Upon receiving a Sniper Rifle from the Mystery Box. I know how hard you've been trying but I really can't be sure exactly why you're doing it! Destruction imminent.Said when preparing to self-destruct. I will help it.Said when the players are given the Dr. Gersch task. I think he's up to something...Said when "Tank" Dempsey gets downed. The security systems are still active.Said upon failing the bomb defusal task. Groph Module under attack.Said when a Groph Module is taking damage. It is like chicken incubator I used on farm... Before it burnt down.Upon putting the Dragon Egg in the incubator. Can we talk about something else?Dempsey: Okay, maybe you start telling me about your endgame. Need some help, Nikolai?When Nikolai is swarmed. Said when trying to insert a code cylinder into the wrong Groph Module Launch Control console.Invalid cylinder code for this terminal. I've finished examining you. No bullets? 21:19. It makes no sense!Upon killing multiple zombies. I do.Takeo: What happens if our mission is incomplete? Network control transmitter not operational at this time.Said when interacting with a dragon console before acquiring the dragon network controller parts. It has everything in the map and how to do it and I am almost 100% sure it is accurate. AUUUUUUUUUUGH!!! I am sorry, Nikolai. Origins Nikolai appears to have traded his love for vodka for a love for bacon, according to some of his quotes in maps such as Gorod Krovi. Self-destruct sequence activated. Not to mention the old....betrayal.Takeo: I confess. Clearly you never fought bear!Upon killing a Russian Mangler. TE - actually, I don't know why I'm doing all this. Perhaps you should be helping me!In response to Nikolai. Hang 10 while I find some ammo!Upon running out of ammo. If you guys find anything wrong with it please let me know. I aim to make things better, for all of us.Nikolai: I have long since giving up trying to make sense of your riddles, Richtofen. Mark my words, it is his nature. YURI! Eeeny meeny miny moe, kill a hellspawn head to toe!Upon killing multiple zombies. I used to tell recruits that SMG stood for 'Smell My Gun'. Always happy to see the twins!Upon getting the NX ShadowClaws from the mystery box. The confluence is occuring! It's always that the stakes are high when the ammo runs low.Upon running out of ammo. You know what I speak of! I don't understand a single thing about what makes you tick! I was hoping for 'no more pain or sorrow' GobbleGum.Upon consuming a Gobblegum. Few of them aren't happy.Upon receiving a shotgun from the Mystery Box. No change there, I suppose. Takeo Masaki, wow. Nikolai buys a Gobblegum . You will be fathered by my minigun!When Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo or Richtofen ask him to surrender. It is part of the reason I yell and curse. This can't be what I think it is. !Said while S.O.P.H.I.A extracts information from him. I suggest Richtofen!When surrounded. Say what you mean, German! And it cracks and splinters into a million other universes. Pebbles if we were lucky.Upon consuming a Gobblegum. Commencing resurrection.Said when spawning Electrical Zombies. As a child, I scavenged for food, not because I was starved but because I was greedy.Upon picking up a part. I have a terrible feeling that even you don't know why you do the things you do.Richtofen: Trust me, Nikolai. You've activated the perimeter alarms! Definitely.While repairing a barricade. I have trained my body to ignore pain...Ow!Upon getting hit by a zombie. A breakdown of the Gorod Krovi ending and the Quotes from Dr. Monty! OORAH!Upon getting an SMG from a mystery box. Because you had armor, you thought you could best me? A red eyed zombie reaches, presumably towards the heroes. I wouldn't, but I think I have.Upon consuming a GobbleGum. No matter how hard you tried, you just didn't talk about it. This is not first time being surrounded. Said while the players are completing the tasks.Maxis will find me. Do not die; it would make me unhappy. Maybe you can fix the place up a bit!Upon receiving a Carpenter. I have cleansed so many things...Said while flying around. Tactiic 6,806 views. Regardless of what happens this day, I sense our journey will soon be over.Said upon starting Round 3 on Solo. Give the video a "LIKE" if you enjoyed! Since when has this city embraced capitalism?Upon trying to buy something with insufficient points. I suppose foul flavor is sign of good medicine.Upon consuming Juggernog. I know there's a lot to take in. Attempting subject capture.Said when attacking a player. In the house.Said when the fifth wisp is shot. 3:46. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Incubate my egg, incubate!When putting the Dragon Egg in the incubator. Finally! Hey, other soldiers! This was not it!Upon receiving a Sniper Rifle from the Mystery Box. This maps main wonder weapon is commonly known as the Ray Gun mk 3. Whichever works for you!Upon getting hit by a zombie. Those wounds are fresh, aren't they? Existing across and beyond time and space itself. I have been lost for so long...Said while flying around. I'm sure it will be delicious! Do you believe in the soul?Said while the players are completing the tasks. I know there's a lot going on. The Gorod Krovi logo appears. Module has been destroyed.Said when a Groph Module is destroyed. Directed by Corky Lehmkuhl. If you crack that mirror you see multiple reflections, it doesn't mean you've actually multiplied does it? I feel like SoE is super important to the overall story, but I don't know how it applies to the tank, takeo, Nikolai, and Richtofen, now with all of the info that has been brought to light in Gorod Krovi. Are you aware of just how significantly outnumbered you are?Said while the players are completing the tasks. Do you have any vodka? Lead a bone-jaw to a monkey, and you bet your ass they're dead! It's stuck it my throat!Upon consuming a GobbleGum. My pockets aren't deep enough to carry around potentially useless items!Upon picking up a Guard of Fafnir part. 113 votes, 29 comments. Why are you all still trying? I have located a malfunctioning Valkyrie scout, previously trapped in temporal space. IMMEDIATELY!Said when the players are given the bomb defusal task. Here it is. He's been in the house for ages... but don't tell him. Return to dragon command.Said when Dr. Gersh has been shot enough times. My skin is thicker than you realize, hellpig!Upon getting hit by a zombie. W-Where am I? The universe... is big. But know this, in my heart, I share the same pain as you.

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